Together with a team of professionals, we monitor the film royalties of leading independent movie companies from abroad. New partnerships start with independent movie companies for their content on Netflix, ITunes, broadcast companies and other OTT platforms.

The question:

To launch services in Russia and the CIS region. First investigate whether this market is interesting, because of the amount of illegal content. As soon as the market allows it to set up the partnerships with the leading players.


Despite the fact that there are many illegal films obtained in Russia, there is indeed a market to launch ODMedia products. One of them is to bring beautiful animation films to Europe (under license) and to set technical and licensing deals with Independent filmmakers to place the films / series on, Netflix, iTunes or broadcasters.


I went to visit film festivals in Kiev and Moscow. Here I came into contact with the big studios. After a number of meetings we have a good cooperation with P. Schlicht. The Schlicht family is a well-known name in the film industry. Cooperation has been established and ODMedia Russia was a fact. As a result, beautiful films and series have been launched and ODMedia is now a strong brand in Russia and CIS.

In addition, a process has been set up for sales and a total rebranding has been realized. A very nice result.

ODMedia is now NPV (Netflix Preferred Vendor) and is very active in the Russian and CIS market. The sales department is now working as a well-oiled engine. That a permanent marketing manager has been hired and the branding is well executed.

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