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Sales Management

15 years of experience within executive functions in the (online) media industry. If you need more sales, an assessment or a practical approach, we can help you. It starts with a strong sales plan, a strong team and a lot of training.

Personal journey

As a founder you start a company with passion and full surrender. The company is doing well and it is growing and growing, more employees are involved. Are you still do what you like to do?

Building bridges

Employees are not always fun, but very necessary. Take the next step with your employees and with the company. Eyes of a stranger with knowledge can help you. We can help you make the next step.

Time for action

In a change process you can linger in analyzing the past: ”what is not going well”. I prefer to focus on going the right way with your people. Not the smartest report with the best analyzes, but the right approach and involvement wins.

Smart an Fast

Decision making is simpler with good preparation and arguments. I love the content, but I have enough eye for emotion and interests to facilitate that excellently. Make the content and the process practical, manageable and manageable.

I like to say goodbye

I’d like to work towards a situation where you have achieved your result and I am misplaced. So that you can say goodbye to me with a satisfied feeling. I always say: “can you continue well”? Then I did my job well.

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